Website Intro


  • Website intros are artistic and creative ways to introduce viewers to your site. web designers use splashy intros to welcome Internet users to their websites before the main page of the site opens. Intros can be lengthy animations or just quick, simple flashes of text or images. Traditionally, website intros are animated short videos that help make your site look modern and professional. You can make your own website introduction by downloading some Flash creation software and following some simple dos and don'ts.
  • Invest in some Flash animation creation software. The most universal Flash creator is Adobe Flash, but there are other programs such as Mix-FX that can offer you a similar service. These programs allow you to write, manipulate and convert Flash code into view-able animations and videos. Both programs are extremely user-friendly and will help you with any part of the code that you don't understand.
  • Flash animation is a great introduction that creates a sense of illumination for the visitor, because it automatically catches the attention of browsers, which, in turn, draws traffic to the website. Creating a Flash website intro can be very easy to do with proper detailed instructions and the right platform and tools. All you need is a minimal amount of time, patience and creativity to achieve this goal.