Character Animation


  • Character animation is a specialized area of the animation process concerning the animation of one or more characters featured in an animated work. It is usually as one aspect of a larger production and often made to enhance voice acting. The primary role of a Character Animator is to be the "actor" behind the performance, especially during shots with no dialog. Character animation is artistically unique from other animation in that it involves the creation of apparent thought and emotion in addition to physical action.
  • In Character Animation, character animation is the creation of an animated person or animal. The animator will make a unique character-generated individual and decide how the character will look, move, and interact with its environment.Simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures, or frames.
  • Flash has revolutionized the way we look at animation today. The very best of animation productions are being done on this platform. All forms of story telling, movies, short films or episodes are finding their way in flash animation. And to make things really interesting live action can be coupled easily with flash animations to create a rich visual experience.