Retailer Software



  • Retailer Software includes Trading Inventory, Accounting ,
       Appointment and Billing Module.
  • Multiple Company Creation with multiple Users with
       securities on New, update, Cancel, Find likes wise
  • Predefined Group, Sub Group and Ledgers for easy
  • Auto update Stock, Accounts and taxes Ledger
       through Sales and Purchase Bills.
  • Auto year closing Facility.
  • Reports are exported into any desired file like rtf,doc,pdf,xls
       and also direct email facility
  • All reports have Dynamic Printing, what you want, print it.
  • Documents have printing like (Preprinted Stationary, Blank
       Page, With Latter Head, Word File, Email).
  • Less Data entry, software works with Enter Key or Click
       while making Documents.
  • Dynamic Search Facility in every Documents and Masters.

Key Points

  • Trading Software
  • Multiple Company Creation
  • Auto update Stock, Accounts and
       taxes Ledger
  • Auto year closing Facility
  • Stock Negativity
  • Appointment Management System
  • Stock maintenance
  • Sales Bill
  • Purchase Bill
  • Financial Reports
  • Sales register, purchase register
  • Stock Reports

Other Features

  • Stock Negativity.
  • Alerts on Credit Limit Exceeds, Stock Negative.
  • Without Purchase entry, Sales entry can be possible.
  • Reduces double entry time.
  • Stock maintenance with Base Rate, Sales Rate, Mrp.
  • Appointment Management System.
  • Reminder System included.
  • From Balance Sheet We can open Documents.
  • Email Predefined Formats included.
    • Sales Bill (Cash & Credit).
    • Inquiry Received.
    • Quotation.
    • Order Received.
    • Order Acknowledgment Issue.
    • Challan Received.
    • Invoice Issue.
    • Invoice Cum Challan Issue
         (Make from Order).
    • Receipt.(With reference of invoice,
         without ref)
    • Credit note. (With reference of
         invoice, without ref)
    • Purchase Bill (Cash & Credit).

    • Purchase Order.
    • Order Acknowledgment Received.
    • Challan Received.
    • Invoice Received.
    • Invoice cum Challan Received.
         (Make from Order).
    • Payment. (With reference of invoice,
         without ref)
    • Debit Note. (With reference of invoice,
         without ref)
  • Journal Entry, Contra Entry.
  • Documents starting from inquiry to invoice can be linked and also make it separately.
  • From Order You can directly prepare Invoice.



Types Of Reports

  • Financial Reports: Ledger,Trading A/C, Profit & Loss A/C , Balance Sheet , Day Book.
  • Datewise Ledger wise Financial Report
  • Category & Subcategory wise Client – Vendor Report.
  • Stock Reports: General Stock, Party wise, Company wise, Product Wise, Stock Value, all Reports with Advance
       Search Option.
  • Sales register, purchase register.
  • Category wise, product wise, month wise, day wise Stock report.
  • Pending Reports: Pending Collection, Payment, Quotation, Order, Order Ack,Challan.
  • Reminder Report
  • Appointment Diary.
  • Maximum, Minimum and Re- order Level Reports.


  • Backup, Restore facilities.
  • Function keys for each document.