• User friendly Gynec Software
  • Software for Gynecologist, Obstetrician and Infertility
  • One Screen Multiple Doctor Appointment System
  • One Screen OPD Module to do everything
  • English , Gujarati, Hindi Printing Support
  • One Screen IPD Module to do everything
  • Reception - Doctor Messaging System with Sound
  • Point & Click System to work faster
  • Onscreen keyboard to type Hindi, English, Gujarati
  • Obstetric Sonography and Pelvic Sonography screens
  • Certificate Like Discharge Summery, Medico legal, Medical ,
       Disability , Death, Fitness, Character
  • Reports - 3C Register, Unpaid Amount, Cash/Cheque
       Collection, FOC Register, MTP Register, USG Register,
       OPD - IPD Register, Label Printing
  • Billing - Receipt generation on finger tip
  • Image saving , Video Saving
  • Letter Typing System (Letter Template Facility)
  • Event Calender for any kind of reminder like LIC, Operation,
       Birthday etc
  • Customize Solution Available with Extra Charges
  • Data entry Available with Extra Charges

Key Points

  • User Management System
  • Doctor Master
  • Patient Detail
  • Appointment Module
  • Messaging System
  • OPD Management
  • IPD Module
  • Operation Module
  • Billing / Receipt Module
  • Certificate Module
  • MIS Reports
  • Sound Recording System



User Management System

  • Create Multiple Users
  • Assign necessary right to users
  • User Type- Doctor & Reception

Doctor Master

  • Treating Doctor
  • Primary Doctor
  • Referring Doctor
  • Anesthetic Doctor

Patient Detail

  • Demographic Information(Name, DOB, Gender, Address)
  • Allergy
  • Critical illness
  • Blood Group
  • Occupation

Appointment Module

  • Doctor wise office working hours
  • Allow - Don’t Allow Appointment on Specified Timings
  • Holiday Scheduling
  • Visit Type wise appointment Time Slot
  • Schedule timings directly from the Appointment
  • Single Doctor Appointment System
  • One Screen Multiple Doctor Appointment System
  • Multiple appointment at one time possible
  • MR or Other Person Appointment System
  • Direct Appointment With New and OLD Patients
  • Other Features : Check In, Late Comes, Patient Detail, Shift Appointment
  • Financial History for money collection
  • Patient Loading in OPD Screen from Appointment

Messaging System

  • Doctor - Reception Messaging System
  • Message with Sound Effect
  • Unread Message with different Color
  • Auto Money Collection Message from Doctor to Reception on Single Click
  • Specific Message with Predefine Sentences to reduce time

OPD Management

  • Multiple OPD Screen with different Patient Loaded for fast working
  • Patient Loading through Patient Name, OPD No or "Search Patient Screen"
  • Case Loading through Patient Name, OPD No or "Search Patient Screen"
  • Multiple Cases with single Patient Possible
  • Bill Generation with Cash / Credit / Part Payment Option
  • Billing with Code and item selection
  • Billing, Billing History, Receipt History View on one Screen
  • Advance Receipt, Against Invoice , On Account Receipt Collection
  • Bill Printing and Receipt Printing Separately
  • Receipt with item Printing / without Item Printing
  • Gynec, Infertility and Obstetric detail information
  • Chief Complain, Menstrual History and Obstetric History
  • Family , Past and Personal History
  • Obstetric Examination
    • Date, BMI, LMP, EDD
    • Wait, FH, AG, BP Specification
    • Poller , Odema , Jd Specification
    • RS, CVS and CNS
    • PA, FHS and Rhythm
    • Remarks and Next visit
    • Breast Examination
    • Injection TT, Other Injection and Thyroid
    • Obstetric Printing Available
  • Gynec Examination
    • Date, LMP Specification
    • Past Menstrual History
    • Present Menstrual History
    • Complain, RS , CVS/CNS, PA
    • Per Speculum Examination
    • Per Virginal Examination
    • Breast Examination
    • Breast Examination (Left & Right)
    • Gynec Printing Available
  • Infertility Examination
    • Cycle Creation
    • LMP , Date and auto day calculation
    • Right Ovary, Left Ovary, Endo cms, Remarks and Notes
    • Add multiple Cycle and multiple days in one cycle
    • Husband Information
    • Complain
    • Past and Sexual History
    • Remarks
    • Multiple date wise Lab investigation entry for husband
  • Other OPD Details
    • Follow up wise X-ray, Investigation, Diagnosis, Medication, Vital Sign, illness, Complain, Examination, Advice,
         Other Advice insertion
    • Gujarati, Hindi, English Printing Supported.
    • Separate and Common Print for Medication, X-ray, Diagnosis, Complain - Examination
    • Predefine Letter Generation and Patient wise letter saving.
    • Image / Video Saving follow-up wise
    • Last Rx, Standard Rx, Favorite Medication Concepts
    • Reception List from the OPD Menu
    • FOC with reason possible.
    • Special Reminder after loading patient into the OPD
    • Treatment Summery for with different options
  • MTP and Sonography
    • MTP Register Entry
    • Form I - Auto Creation
    • Form C - Auto Creation
    • Obstetric Ultrasonography
    • Pelvic Ultrasonography
    • Bishop Score
    • Expected Deliveries
    • Gynec Print setting with Multiple options

IPD Module

  • Date and Time wise IPD Entry
  • OPD Reference if Needed to IPD
  • Temporary Medicine Billing (Day to day Addition)
  • (Reminder for giving medicines to patients. Reminder comes to selected users.)
  • Temporary Professional Service Billing (Day to day Addition)
  • Temporary Ward Charges (Day to day Addition)
  • Final Billing from all the Temporary billing with single click
  • Automatic Reminder system for staff to give Injection with instruction.
  • Ward Management System
  • Ward wise billing rates of Medicines, Professional Services
  • Direct access to the operation, Discharge Summery , Medico legal
  • Treatment Summery for with different options
  • Complain and examincation
  • Vital Sign and Critical illness
  • Systemic Examination
  • Advice and Treatment
  • Lab Investigation / USG
  • Date and time wise Diagnosis and Medication
  • Image and Video Incorporation
  • Histeroscopy & Laproscopy detail
  • Treatment Summery for with different options
  • Medico Legal

Operation Module

  • Operation Name
  • Operation Detail
  • Doctors and Staff Involvement and it's role
  • Birth Date Time
  • Weight , Gender
  • Pediatrician
  • Baby Notes
  • Discharge Note
  • Doctor Operation Note , Not to be Printed
  • Anesthetic Information like Doctor Name, Anesthecia Type, Risk, Doctor Note
  • Pre-Post Operation, Ps, Time,BP, Resp, SaO2, Medicine , Remark

Billing / Receipt Module

  • Separate Billing Module with cash,credit, discount options
  • Separate Receipt Module with Cash, Bank, On Account, Advance Receipt, Against Inovice Option

Certificate Module

  • Discharge Summery
  • Medico Legal Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Disability Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Character Certificate
  • Fitness Certificate
  • User defined certificates can be generated and saved patient wise

MIS Reports

  • 3C Register
  • Day/Month wise Collection
  • 3C Register - OPD
  • 3C Register - IPD
  • Unpaid Amount Register
  • Cash/Cheque Reports
  • Patient Address Labels
  • OPD Register
  • IPD Register
  • FOC Register - OPD
  • FOC Register - IPD
  • MTP Forwarding Letter
  • MTP Register
  • Form I
  • Form C
  • USG Register
  • USG Forwarding Letter
  • Date wise rearrangement of OPD/IPD Case No, Bill No, Receipt No possible
  • all print can be configure according to your pre printed stationary margin

Sound Recording System

  • Photographs through Web Cam
  • Customize Solution Available with Extra Charges
  • Data entry Available with Extra Charges