Hosting Services

     Web site hosting is a service that provides the storage and connectivity necessary for a Web site, e-mail, and/or Web-based databases. If we design your site for you, or if you purchase Web design software to build your small business Websites. you will need a basic Web hosting plan to store your Web site files online. A reliable Web host is the foundation for a successful site. Some of the most important factors in choosing a small business host are the host's servers, data center, and network.
     Our servers are Linux-based, high-end Web servers designed from the ground up with small business requirements in mind. The data center where the servers are located features redundant connectivity to multiple network providers, advanced fire suppression systems. The combination of the Linux server platform and the state-of-the-art data center translates into the most stable environment available for your small business Web site, e-mail accounts, and databases.
     A domain name is the unique name that identifies an Internet site. For example, "", "", and "" are domain names. Every Web site you've ever been to, and every e-mail you've ever composed, has used a domain name in its address. People register domain names in order to claim a particular name - whether for business or personal reasons. Once a domain name is registered to a person or business, that registrant retains the right to use the domain name exclusively as long as they continue to pay the yearly renewal fee.